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A brief word about pricing: a lot of what we offer on this website is free. When prices are set, it is to help cover our web hosting, some of our production and travel expenses, and nothing else.

This is not a business. Our subscription price (less than $1 a week) has been kept as low as possible to cover costs only.

There is, however, a lot of public interest in the growth and expansion of "The Panel Channel", which entails time/effort and expenditure for us.

Remember... this is not a business - we are here to get the truth out to the public. We can only do so away from the strict and restrictive censorship of YouTube and other video-sharing platforms that have attempted to suppress us.

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Please note: our subscription prices cover our web hosting fees and (some) production and travel costs only. This is not a business. Everyone involved in "the panel channel" works for free and volunteers their time on a no-charge basis.

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We do not offer short-term or one-visit-only access options, but we have a selection of complimentary clips under our 'Free Videos' tab at the top of this page. This is designed to help you determine whether our content is of the standard and type that you seek before you commit to purchasing a subscription.

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