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Jannene Howse:  "Some brief words about myself.... While my interest and experience spans many fields (medical, health, education, psychology, social work, diversional therapy and counselling, natural medicine and therapies, small business development, teaching, permaculture, archeology), my current work involves education on how to survive COVID-19 and establishing rural self sufficient properties. My constant focus however has been on research in theology and working as a writer and speaker under World Watch Research Publications, for Signs magazine, my own website and for global organisations. For the last 27 years since 1994, I’ve been researching, writing and speaking on the plan of Globalism for an ecological world religion, enforced by world government and global digital economy & currency documenting its uncanny alignment with eschatology (predicted world events in Bible prophecy) and the inspired writings of one of the world's greatest authors and end-time messenger, Ellen White. This fascinating research led to the warning about the Global Financial Crisis months before it happened in the magazine, Towards Eternity 2008. The research revealed evidence of the ‘pandemic’ attack years before it happened from 2015 with details at NewsDecoded.org, and warned of the attack date, who did it and why, how long it will last, and how it will end, which I’m presently writing a book about."

Sol Millin:  "I was born 25 March 1944, in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the age of 12, I realized that what meets the eye is not Reality and I embarked on a life-long quest to ‘find God’. At the age of 77, I have been blessed with many wonderful experiences of Spirit and my psychic vision is somewhat active. Recently, prior to the initial August 9 2020 Freedom Day Protest against Covid-19 Lockdown in Victoria, Australia, on Friday August 7 2020, Almighty God and Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared in a Great and Glorious Light in my little Windsor apartment and informed me ‘The meek shall Inherit the Earth’. This experience has changed me completely. I was arrested by the Victorian Police for alleged incitement against the Chief Health Officer's Directives after the initial Freedom Day protest, and before the second Freedom Day protest, Almighty God once again appeared in my little apartment after my arrest and announced ‘I have Decided to take over Governance of Australia and clear all corruption and clean Australia’. This Great Event happened on August 30 2020. I was Dux of one of the greatest schools in Africa, Hilton College, and have a 1st class B.Sc. Degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics. I am also a parent and a grandfather. As a scientist, I am also working on uncovering the secrets of Water. See www.orgon.com.au."

Ziggy Zapata:  A biography of Ziggy's life, as well as his writings and research, can be found at www.ziggy.com.au. For the Bio itself, click on the 'Entertainment' tab (to the left of the screen on his homepage) and then click on 'Biography'. His web address also contains his contact details.

Dr Judy Wilyman:  Judy Wilyman PhD is Australia’s leading expert and authority on the historical control of infectious diseases. She has spent many years investigating the correlation between the decline in children’s health and the increased use of vaccines. This research included examining the scientific rigor underpinning government claims that vaccines are ‘safe and effective’.

Her PhD titled ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ concluded that the government’s claims of safety and efficacy are not based on hard evidence - they are based on gaps in the science. That is, the empirical science that is used to prove the safety and efficacy of vaccines has never been done. Judy’s PhD was completed in December 2015 and since that time she has experienced censorship in the debate of vaccination in both the mainstream media and the official channels for public debate. Her PhD is available as a download from the University of Wollongong’s website and to date it has had 32,000 downloads.

In March 2020, just as the world was facing lockdowns and social distancing, Judy published her book titled: ‘Vaccination: Australia’s Loss of Health Freedom’. Now with the Covid 19 pandemic scandal unfolding, Judy is in a key position to explain How and Why, by definition, there is no global public health emergency and the alleged pandemic has been based on false science.

Darryl O'Bryan:  "In 1990 I found myself part of a group promoting a new tune spec for internal combustion engines clearly bringing those engines into a proper state of tune. Our group successfully designated a proper tune requirement for Diesel and petrol engines to successfully run-on gaseous fuels with a very controllable amount of unburnt fuel entering the atmosphere.

The unwillingness of government and those involved in the transport industry to accept the proven concepts our group was promoting, lead me personally, to studying the role of government according to the law of the land.

That study was predominantly the result of discovering that the Australian Taxation Office did not have any legal standing to collect taxation from the people of Australia, as was exposed in the High Court of Australia in 2001.

Having learned the ramifications of that High Court case from a barrister named James Renton, I found myself amongst people who were attempting to get the message out to the people of Australia that we have a problem at all levels of government. This lead me to eventually creating the Community Law Resource Group along with a gentleman by the name of Steve Douglas.

Steve eventually left the group leaving me to conduct the meetings on a weekly basis attempting to bring to those who come along to the meetings a path of understanding what government can or cannot do according to the law binding all nations forming the Commonwealth.

Having met many people and dealing with many facets of law, I met a learned gentleman from Sydney by the name of Peter Gargan, who brought to the group many years of law study as he had done a few years in University in NSW and Queensland. Peter’s political contacts also helped people coming to the meetings better understand the mess that Australia was in. The Community Law Resources Group was gaining in popularity leading us to do meetings covering areas in the western and eastern suburbs of Melbourne as far out as Darnum in the Gippsland part of Victoria.

The Community Law Resource Group through public pressure and against my better judgement became an association which I was president of for about 12 months . I eventually left the association, joining the Know Your Rights Group Radio show, helping a fellow patriot Mike Palmer communicate our knowledge gained from our different experience with presenting law to the general public. Mike and myself found ourselves structuring a seminar circuit around Australia which was growing due to the complexity of the info we were presenting.

A few years later I found myself at the request of Peter Gargan a volunteer legal adviser to a newly elected Senator Rodney Culleton to the Federal Parliament representing the State of Western Australia for the Pauline Hansen One Nation Party.

The learning curve from 2016 helping Senator Culleton  to today is a whole other experience thankfully wiser and surrounded by good people of like mind and  strong community ethics. Part of that hub around Senator Culleton and his family are people I met through the Community Law Resource Group Neil Piccinin and Darren Dixon who today are the force behind the newly formed middle of the road Political Party, the Great Australian Party."

John Wilson:  "I was born in 1942, the year the Second World War came to Australia, when enemy planes bombed Darwin and enemy submarines entered Sydney Harbour. I had a working class childhood and schooling, but I managed to secure a wife in 1965 and a degree in dentistry in 1967, all with the assistance of an Australian Army scholarship. In 1968, I was medically evacuated from Vietnam and count myself as one of the lucky survivors. In 1970, I left the Army and took my wife and baby daughter to England until 1978. I returned to Australia with an additional two sons to the family. While in England, I was allowed an Honorary Research Fellowship at London University to pursue an interest in mercury which quickly developed into a crusade against its toxicity that took on international proportions. Then, in 1986, a second cause manifested itself in the toxicity of bank fraud which was/is compounded by the corruption and treachery in our judiciary. As with the mercury situation, this also necessitated fact-finding and trying to effect answers. Evil is not simple. If I can do a little good, that’ll do me."